What is the intended use of CoviSelf COVID-19 Antigen Test?

The CoviSelf COVID-19 Antigen Test is a self-test kit for the detection of protein antigen from SARS-CoV-2 in direct nasal swab samples from individuals with or without symptoms of COVID-19.

Is the test authorized for home use?
How do you know when the result is positive?
What do positive results indicate?
How do you know when the result is negative?
What do negative results indicate?
What are the known and potential hazards of this test?
What are the benefits of this test?
Will this test hurt me in the nose?
What is the difference between an antigen and molecular test?
What are the contents in a CoviSelf COVID-19 Antigen Test kit?
What are the test preparations before the test?
The following are the test preparations before the test:
  • First, it is important that you find a clean place to do the test.
  • Identify a table and sanitize the surface thoroughly.
  • Wash your hands with soap and make sure that your hands are dry before you perform the test.
  • Tear the pouch and lay the contents of the kit on the table.
    You have:
    • One instruction manual
    • One pre-filled extraction tube
    • One sterile nasal safe swab
    • One test card
    • One Disposal bag
  • Before you proceed with the test, please download the MylabCoviSelf App either on Google Play or App Store. Fill in the credentials and proceed with the test.
Is the liquid (knows as extraction lysis buffer) in the pre-filled extraction tube safe?
How to discard the contents of the kit after the test results?
Is it important to fill in your credentials before the test?
What are the precautions for kit storage?
Is it necessary to maintain room temperature for all test reagents in the kit?
How do you know when the result is invalid?
What if you experience congestion in either of the nostrils, can you still perform the test?
How far back must you insert the nasal swab in your nostrils?
Can we discard the test components in a regular bin?
Can we reuse the swab?
What will happen if I touch the head of the swab?
Can we use a damaged kit?
If my antigen test comes out to be negative, does it mean that I am immune against the COVID-19 infection?
What are the benefits of reporting the results to ICMR?
What are the benefits of home use test?
When should I take an antigen test?
Should I undertake an antigen test if any of my family members have tested positive?